Hoi An to Than Tai Mountain

Hoi An car to Than Tai Mountain. Pick up at Hoi An (hotels, Villas ..) to go to Than Tai Mountain. New car, private car. Save more than 20% compared to traditional and technology taxi

Types car

4 Seater Car

  • US $27 (1 way)
  • US $52 (2 way)

7 Seater Car

  • US $30 (1 way)
  • US $56 (2 way)

16 Seater Car

  • US $35 (1 way)
  • US $67 (2 way)

Table of contents

  • Trip information
  • Services include & excluded
  • Private car retral services from Da Nang to Hoi An
  • Combined sightseeing stops on the journey
  • Experience of renting a car from Da Nang to Hoi An


Distance: 55 km from the center.

Schedule: 60 minutes.

Transportation: Private car / 2-way.

Pick up and see off: Pick up and drop off at Hoi An (hotels, villas) to Than Tai Mountain


Tolls, fuel and waiting are included. 10% VAT not included. (If you want to issue an invoice)

Clean new car. Car has high-speed Wifi. Driver is friendly and enthusiastic

No deposit required, pay after the trip ends

Take a private car, have a turn-around car, never share guests. New car is spacious and cool


Hoi An is about 55 km southeast of Than Tai Mountain. This is quite a remote location and many people wouldn't think of it. However, the distance from Hoi An to Than Tai mountain is quite long, so few people will move here, you will definitely have a new and interesting trip!
After experiencing the ancient, quiet, poetic charms of Hoi An, what could be more enjoyable than relaxing at a hot spring?
Than Tai Mountain Resort is a suitable choice for companies and families. Because there is both a children's water park and a relaxation area for adults. Delicious buffet, green acacia forest on both sides, Longevity eggs... are things not to be missed when coming here.


Marble Mountains (on request +US $4.2/ 1-hour tour) – A cluster of 5 limestone and marble mountains representing natural elements. The marble mountain is covered with Hindu and Buddhist caves. It rewards its visitors with a wonderful panoramic view of Da Nang at its peak.

BA NA hill (on request, + US $15 – US $25): known as a fairyland with four seasons of the day (spring – summer – autumn – winter) clearly, adding the Golden Bridge and a cable car system with 1 forest rope with 4 world records. Along with Fantasy Park, it is currently the only indoor amusement park in Vietnam and in the world located on the top of a mountain.


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